Vice President of Aswan University for Postgraduate Studies & Research and Supervisor of International Ranking Office

Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Orabi

      Aswan University started its service as a branch from Assiut University in 1974 then as branch from South Valley University in 1995 and as an independent university in 2012. However, Aswan University introduces its services to a large sector for the South of Upper Egypt. Aswan University has a highly vital role to serve Aswan Government which is Egypt Gate to Africa allocated on Nile River are considered a leader for sustainability with its renewable energy sources, High-Dam and Benban PV park. As a young university located in sustainable city, our responsibility is to serve locally and internationally sustainable directions through education, research and community services.
      Based on that, several policies and actions have been put in and applied to achieve this. In order to measure the success degree of this achievement, different international rankings as (THE, QS, Shanghai, U.S. News, ARU) are considered the way to, where these rankings are based on several performance indicators. Although Aswan University is a young university, it was able to achieve remarkable international rankings positions.

       Aswan University has recorded a remarkable rank in ranking related to sustainability and green universities and also into specific as: computer science, engineering, physics, electrical & electronics engineering, communications engineering, and life science. Aswan University has the commitment to continue its service to the community and their affiliated students and graduate for being one of the notable universities.


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